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Monday, October 22, 2012

Food Journaling Habit -- The stats are revealing

Although I've been lax in posting on my blog, I've definitely been journaling my food this month.  There have been days when I've really really not wanted to write something down, but those are the days that need it the most. Although I didn't like writing down Saturday's tortilla chips or Sunday's brownie, it did motivate me to stop before things got totally out of hand...or from hand to mouth to hips. 

Being the data junkie that I am, I have a spreadsheet where I log everything.  This is what I did last week in terms of macro nutrients, food points plus and activity points.   It's not 100% true to Weight Watchers Points Plus program because I logged all my fruits and vegetables too, and they're counted in the data.  So, I allow myself a couple extra points a day for those items.   This week I ended up with only a couple points to spare. The scale says I broke even from last Monday to today, although mid-week I was lower.

fat carb Fiber Grams protein Food  Pts+ Activity Points Total (goal is 26-31)
mon 21.9 140.5 15.7 75.3 26.5 4.2 22.3
tues 26.5 179.7 19.1 86.4 32.7 0 32.7
wed 36.2 272.6 38 71.2 42.4 11.4 31
thu 32.6 186.2 19.1 76.6 34.1 4 30.1
fri 54 233.3 30.3 60.2 42.3 1.6 40.7
sat 57.7 198.7 17.1 66 41.1 2.5 38.6
sun 49.9 237.5 22.4 67.8 43.0 7.3 35.7

This data is pretty revealing. The weekend was a higher intake than the rest of the week.  I think the fat consumption was a bit high Friday - Sunday. I need further research to figure out what an acceptable range is.  The other thing that really jumps out at me is that I'm not eating nearly as much fiber as I thought I was. It's definitely below the 25 grams/day that is recommended for women.   I eat a a lot of fruits and veges, eat brown rice instead of white and generally eat whole grain breads.  But, I need to do better especially with my sluggish digestive system.  We all know the benefits of fiber: helps us stay regular, decreases risk of digestive cancers, makes us feel full longer, etc.  So, what's a girl to do?

One approach I don't want to take is to eat the fiber infused stuff that tastes like cardboard.  There's a specific tortilla that I'm thinking of.  Blech! I put that in the fake food category.  My options?

Well, there's a big clue for you at the top of this post.  You guessed it:  more popcorn is at the top of my list.  I am a popcorn junkie and it's really high in fiber. When I was in high school, one Christmas I got an air popper and a 50 pound bag of popcorn.  Did I say I was a popcorn addict?  Can you tell which day I had some last week?  Yup, Wednesday. Air popped popcorn has 3.5 grams of fiber for every 3 cups.  Unfortunately, plain air popped popcorn takes like styrofoam so it needs to be seasoned.  Generally I'm opposed to fake food, but I am willing to put on a few squirts of spray "butter" rather than the real thing for the sake of a couple hundred calories.  My quest should be to find alternate, real-food ways of getting seasonings to stick.

Check back the next couple of days to see what else I'm doing to increase my fiber and what else I've figured out about the proper range of these macronutrients. 


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